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Basically, I offer all my "Skills" as a service on request. However, terms like PHP, CSS or MYSQL / MSSQL don't really mean much to many people. Therefore, here is a somewhat more understandable overview of my services.

Due to the possibilities in the different areas, my services are not necessarily limited to the following.

  • Web Development
    • web design
    • revision and renewal of websites
    • web apps
    • online shops
    • Linux webserver administration
    • etc.
  • Coding and IT
    • HTML and CSS
    • Javascript
    • PHP
    • MYSQL and MSSQL
    • JTL Wawi

  • Graphic Design
    • any graphic work for web and print media
    • logos
    • banner
    • poster
    • flyer
    • cover
    • etc.
  • Video Animation
    • video editing
    • video effects
    • intros
    • lyric videos
    • video ads

Aktuell bin ich stark ausgelastet, bearbeite aber inquiries that can be sent via this form . Offers are non-binding. New projects may currently only be processed after an agreed waiting period.

The field of media has grown very rapidly, especially in the digital area, and is constantly changing. Services and products not listed here can also be requested. werden.

My prices are usually based on the German AGD collective wage agreement Design.